Home Inspection Cost Calculator

How much does a home inspection cost? This is one of the most popular questions that we get. The cost of a home inspection ranges depending on the varies geographically, just as the cost of housing does.

Additionally, inspections fees vary depending on factors such as the size of the home, the age of the home and possible optional services such as Termite inspections.

The average home inspection costs $650 with condos and smaller townhomes under 800sq ft. costing as little as $450. Homes larger than 2000 sq ft. will cost $850 or more. Termite inspections cost extra but can generally cost less if you purchase it with your home inspection.

Use our home inspection calculator below to find out how much your home inspection would cost:

Good, Fast, or Cheap… Pick 2

And though the first question most home inspectors here is, “How much do you charge?”, we urge you not to let cost be your deciding factor. If you’re not a real estate investor, your homes purchase may well be the largest investment you ever make. In this case you may want a detailed, high-quality home inspection where you can gain a sense of security and knowledge that allows you to make an informed purchasing decision and possibly avoid purchasing a money pit. In this sense, the lowest cost or  bottom basement bargaining might give you the best value over the long term.

Instead, we think the inspectors qualifications, experience, training and reputation is a far more useful guide to use when hiring as well as their specific ability to serve the specific needs of the home you want to purchase.

Lastly, over the years, we’ve received feedback from both customers and realtors that they prefer a detailed and thorough inspection report with meaningful notes, clear photographs, and the ability to review the report with the inspector after it’s published to you. At this level of service, a home inspector may spend a total of 8-10 hours on your home inspection project. Isn’t that worth the cost of the inspection, if it can save you tens of thousands of dollars? And with today’s housing prices, the cost of a home inspection is well below 1/10 of a percent of the cost of your home. That’s a great investment for peace of mind a good home inspection can bring.